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Motorcycle Rescue is a about saving bike riders and bikes in times of need, like breakdowns, accidents, or just moving a bike from place to place.

I established Motorcycle Rescue some years ago, being a bike rider my self I saw that more and more bikes are coming on to our roads and having pushed the odd bike or two myself, have a pretty good understand of what's it's like when there is no one around to lend a helping hand. Please take a few minutes and read some of our Testimonials

Our business is capable of safely storing your bike or bikes we area able to collect and move your bikes for you. See our information on Bike Storage


Mobile: 0499 222 500

Whenever You Need Help!


The good thing for OUR CUSTOMERS is they only need to use one company to complete any task therefore saving considerable amounts of valuable cash and time. Further there is no need for you to be in attendance when you use Motorcycle Rescue to undertake to move the bike just tell us ths address and where to take the bike to and the job will be down, of course you will be required to answer a couple of security questions.

Operating a bike removal business 24 hours a day is no small task and interestingly our temporary bike storage facility are often used by businesses and individuals alike, with a good portion of our customers being commercial clients. You are able to email any questions to us via our Fast Quote page or contact us direct via our Contact Us page and if all else fails you could just call the Mobile: 0499 222 500

Motorcycle Rescue Solutions offers a great amount of flexibility during the time we hold the bike or bikes. You are able to store your bike as long as you wish and not always committing to a fixed long term lease. We do have rental spaces available and that requires the rental to be paid in advance, and a refundable deposit also needs to be paid. You are able to continue to store bikes and rent the space as long as you need to, saving you valuable cash.

We understand the need to answer questions you may have so please if you require more information contact one of the team, they will be glad to help. You could check out our Questions and Answers page

As Motorcyle Rescue expands we are developing even more interesting and exciting ways to service our customers. A feature that many clients are taking advantage of is our fast quote you will find a link on every page FAST QUOTE

David Skelton

Motorcycle Rescue

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